What does "Ooshi" mean?

As defined in the Urban Dictionary Ooshi is: "The technical term for someone who is really intelligent, attractive, and all around just an amazing person who everyone loves."

Do you have a physical store where I can come and try out the T-shirts?

No. We only sell online

Can I come and pick up my order?

Sorry, all orders are shipped by Aramex and delivered to the customers almost anywhere in Egypt

How can I determine the appropriate size for me?

Please check out our size chart and the steps explained here to select the best fitting size

Can I send you a custom design and you print it for me?

Sorry, we do not do custom printing.We only sell the designs available in the shop

I want to make a bulk order, will you make a discount for me?

We don't have wholesale pricing. All the prices listed on the site remain the same whether the order is 1 or 100 items unless there is an offer announced for everyone (e.g buy x and get x% discount). Please join our mailing list to receive such offers whenever they are available.

Can I order a design in the shop but in a different color?

Sure! If this color is available. Normally, we use the colors that will suit the t-shirt color. For example: if the design is in red and you order it on a red t-shirt we will print the design in white or yellow or beige. If you want a specific color kindly contact us.

Can I bring my own T-shirt and you print it for me?

Sorry, we only print on our products.

I am a graphic designer and want to show you some of my designs .Do you buy designs?

If you have your own designs and you own their copyrights we can buy designs from you. Please send us your portfolio or your page on flickr or deviant art and specify the prices of your designs.